Thank you for your interest in our events.  Our next event is:

Parker’s Ride IX – There and Back Again

There are 4 ways to show your support:

1.  Ride with us

The cost to participate in one of our events is a donation. Bring it with you to the ride. 100% of your donation will be given to local single moms as part of our Parker’s House program.

If you’re planning to join us, please take a few minutes to post a photo of you and your bike on our Facebook page.

2. Volunteer

Don’t ride but you would still like to participate?  We need volunteers to help set-up, take-down and support our riders.  Click here to let us know you’d like to volunteer. ** No volunteers needed for Parker’s Ride IX **.

3. Donate

Can’t participate in the event but you still want to support our mission?  100% of your donation will be given to a local single mom.

4. Share us on social media

A great way to support our event is to share our Facebook page on your social media accounts.  We appreciate your interest and support.

Here’s a list of our former events:

Parker’s Ride VIII – Church-to-Church (IBA SS1000)

Cool Dad’s Ride – Group Motorcycle Ride

Parker’s Ride VII – NC Infinity (IBA, SS1000)

Parker’s Ride VI – 100 Counties – One Lap Around NC, One Weekend

Parker’s Ride V – The Four Corners of North Carolina (IBA SS1000)

Parker’s Ride IV – Daytona Dash (IBA SS1000)

Parker’s Ride III – NC Infinity (IBA SS1000)

Parker’s Walk – Duke Campus – East to West (and back)

Parker’s Ride II – I’ve been Everywhere (in North Carolina)

Parker’s Ride I – I’ve Been Everywhere (in North Carolina)