Great Rides – Parker’s Ride VIII

“How long did it take you to get here?”  I turned to see a young Dad along with his son.  I had stopped at a rest area following a traffic-jammed ride through the old part of St. Augustine, FL, on my way back to Durham, NC.  His son was smiling and pointing at my bike.


Riding my motorcycle to work recently, a panhandler that I see at the same street corner every morning caught my attention. His relatively new bicycle was parked beside a stop sign, along with his backpack. He had a cooler and several empty water bottles laid neatly beside it. With a forced smile, he held a

Two-wheel Therapy

Several years ago, a Facebook friend posted Today was a two wheel therapy day. No photo. No further explanation. A couple of likes, but no comments. Nothing else needed to be said. Even though we bikers are an incredibly diverse group of people, we all knew what he meant. And because it was a weekday,