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Plan the Ride … Ride the Plan

I have enjoyed reading Philippians ever since my first semester at Divinity School.  It is Paul’s letter to one of the earliest European Christian communities, which was located in Greece.  The Christians at Philippi were generous in supporting Paul’s mission even though many lived in poverty.  He was fond of the community.   In this letter,

Commit to the Curve

Have you ever gone into a curve a little faster than you’re used to?  Or maybe once you started into the curve, you saw that it was sharper than you first thought? It’s happened to most of us. In Parker’s Ride VII, I was riding a mountain pass – it was misty, late in the

The Least of These, My Brethren

I was riding out west several years ago on my first solo cross-country ride.  I was a long way from North Carolina. I love it out there.  No traffic, I could ride as fast as I wanted and because it was my first time out there, landmarks that were probably boring to locals were fresh