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Egg McMuffin Theology

For me, the ideal day on the road begins just before sunrise, stopping after 100 miles or so for gas and breakfast at McDonald’s. Yes, McDonald’s. At every McDonald’s between 6:30 and 9:00, you’ll find one or two groups of retired gentlemen laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company.  No one is looking at their

Great Rides – Standin’ on a Corner

While I like twisty mountain roads as well as any other biker, I’ll confess that I enjoy interstate riding, too.  It’s the only place I can (legally & with relative safety) use all 1200 cc’s, and it’s a great way to cover the miles to get to interesting locations. And home from interesting locations. Following

Being Grateful

This is one of my favorite motorcycle photos. Earlier that day, I had been riding through the California desert.  My bike registered 111 degrees, which is pretty hot even for a southern boy.  I saw the snow-covered mountains in the distance, but it seemed that they only remained in the distance the farther I rode.